Distributed  Renewable  Energy Agriculture Modalities



In Partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, the African Development Bank through the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), and the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI), The Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) of Ethiopia has launched a new agricultural productive use focused project named Distributed Renewable Energy-Agriculture Modalities (DREAM). The DREAM project is expected to transform household farmer-based Agricultural Commercial Clusters (ACCs) by providing reliable and affordable solar mini-grid power to enable large-scale cluster irrigation farming throughout the year.

Compared to current diesel generator-based irrigation solutions, on average the DREAM project is expected to substantially increase on average:

  1. Farmer Productivity by 91%
  2. Farm Production by 86%
  3. Farmer Income by 80%

In addition to providing renewable energy for ACC irrigation, the project will contribute significantly towards the government’s National Electrification Program (NEP 2.0) and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 7 (electricity access) and SDG 6 (clean water supply) to household farmers and surrounding communities.

Project Sponsors

Ministry of Water and Energy

Agricultural Transformation Institute


The Rockefeller Foundation works to improve the well-being of people everywhere. The Foundation is dedicated to the principle that all men and women have the right to health, food, power, and economic mobility.

The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) launched on November 2, 2021, at COP26 with USD10 billion of committed capital to accelerate investment in green energy transitions and renewable energy solutions in developing and emerging economies. This historic Alliance partnership leverages catalytic philanthropic funding to unlock investment capital with the aim of mobilizing USD100 billion in public and private capital in order over the next decade to reach one billion people with reliable renewable power, avoid and avert four billion tons of carbon emissions, and create, enable, or support more than 150 million jobs. For more information, and to access the Alliance’s first Global Call for Country Partnerships, which will run through March 15, 2022, please visit www.globalenergyalliance.org

SEFA is a multi-donor special fund, hosted and managed by the African Development Bank. It provides catalytic finance to unlock private sector investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Key Program Partners

Veritas Consulting

Keller-Bliesner Engineering, LLC


Odyssey Energy Solutions

Background on ATI

The Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institution (formerly Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency) is an institution of the Government of Ethiopia (GoE), established by federal regulation as a catalyst to ensure a positive, transformational, and sustainable change in the agricultural sector. The primary aim of the institution is to promote agricultural sector transformation by supporting the existing structures of government, private sector, and other non-governmental partners to address systemic bottlenecks in delivering on priority national agendas for achieving growth and food security. The ATI functions as a high-level problem-solving organization, providing strategic and implementation support to all key players along the agricultural value chains.


Overall project’s summary, and key irrigation deliverables

The DREAM (Distributed Renewable Energy-Agriculture Modalities) project aims to catalyze private investments to scale up the mini-grid sector in Ethiopia. The project brings together governmental institutions and private sector actors to pilot mini grids in nine agricultural sites across four regions (Oromia, Amhara, SNNPR & Sidama). The DREAM project has two components:
1. Mini-grids will be installed at all pilot sites to provide reliable and renewable energy for domestic and agricultural commercial use, managed by a private mini-grid developer. The procurement and supplier management of the developer will be managed by SNV Netherlands Development Organization
2. Electrified irrigation systems will be installed and operationalized for all nine pilot sites, managed by ATI – Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute

This grant specifically covers the second component (irrigation) of the project and the purpose of this EOI and the forthcoming RFP is aimed at procuring a high-quality EPC provider to install community irrigation systems (drilled wells, distribution systems, piping etc.), commission and train farmers on the operation of these irrigation systems and provide maintenance services. The ATI will then provide ongoing support at project sites through training & extension to farmers to help them leverage the irrigation systems to boost agricultural production and increase incomes.

The project will start in April 2022 and will cover a 32-month period through to October 31st 2024


Background Information

Download the background information documents below 

Project concept/background
Viability Model summary
Summary of irrigation site data and BOQ

Drone Videos of Sites


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