The all-in-one platform to plan, finance, build and operate portfolios at scale.

A single platform to make distributed energy data usable and actionable

Best-in-class site surveying tools.

Use mobile application to survey your site. View field data in real-time via Odyssey’s geospatial analytics.

Streamlined Technical Analysis

Odyssey provides the tools that you need to provide site technical analysis at scale. Forecast your load, design your generation system and distribution network, model complex tariff scenarios and run complex sensitivities in just a few clicks. Generate project and portfolio summaries that are Investor ready. 

Industry-vetted financial model

Saves hundreds of hours of modelling. Odyssey Imports your technical analyses and project assumptions into a detailed financial model built in collaboration with leading financiers in the sector. Export the financial model for advanced analysis.

Access Finance

Easily share your portfolio for financing across the capital stack- including Odyssey hosted subsidy programs and investors in the Odyssey network. Prepare all diligent in one place and easily share the Information financiers are looking for.

Portfolio Management

Monitor and manage your portfolio via realtime system and meter data feeds. Odyssey’s asset management platform enables you to import and analyze any data stream across your portfiolio. Streamline reporting by sharing analytics with your investors and donors.

What our customers are saying

“It’s simply unbelievable that all we need has been done by your company. This really frees us to focus on the non-technical issues such as site selection, engaging with stakeholders and meeting regulatory requirements”