Do these next words excite you?

  • Helping streamline and evolve access to reliable, clean energy to those in need around        the world, as well other renewable distributed energy infrastructure projects from the            comfort of your desk.
  • Being a key player in a small but dynamic, diverse, fun and growing organization                    spanning 10 countries including the USA, Nigeria, Germany, Kenya, and India.
  • Building and implementing a vigilant QA approach to the development of browser-                based applications, with expanding possibilities within QA as well as release and sprint        management.

If your heart started beating a little faster then read on…

Who we are

More than a billion people in the world do not have access to electricity. Odyssey Energy Solutions is a Boulder, Colorado-based purpose-driven software company currently totaling 25 full-time employees that tackles this global challenge with a big goal: to rapidly expand access to energy around the world by streamlining and reducing the costs of developing and financing solar microgrids and other clean distributed energy systems. Since its establishment in 2017, Odyssey has become an integral part of the energy access finance ecosystem. Odyssey’s big data investment and asset management platform is catalyzing the deployment of hundreds of millions of dollars into the mini-grid and solar home system sectors across Africa. Odyssey is well-funded, has significant market traction, a renowned product, and a highly collaborative, motivated team that has fun working hard together. Odyssey was also awarded the international Keeling Curve Prize for our work reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What we are looking for

We are seeking an experienced QA engineer to both implement and manage the quality assurance needs of our web applications. They must be comfortable and content testing the latest changes within a web browser and using JIRA, Trello or similar tools to track the work. The ideal candidate is an exceptionally organized, detail-oriented and methodical professional with the experience necessary to take the quality of our products to the next level of reliability, user experience and security. This role will be charged with refreshing our quality assurance approach across 3 products that not only safeguards the quality of our products, but also fosters a “quality culture” in which all employees become actively engaged in guaranteeing quality in both production and the finished product. As the software development team grows there will be the opportunity to lead a growing QA team, as well as existing opportunities in release management and Agile sprint management.

Expected Experience:

  • Knowledge of quality assurance terminology, methods, and tools
  • Expert in browser-based manual testing of web applications
  • Significant experience working in JIRA, Trello or similar tools
  • Well-versed in browser tools such as Chrome DevTools to assist in diagnosing issues
  • Analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge of best practices for testing, version control, and defect management
  • Amicably working with product owners and engineers to determine what tests are needed and keeping everyone updated within a virtual, asynchronous workplace.

Desired Experience:

  • JIRA Administration
  • Release management experience within build pipeline tools contained in bitbucket, github, CircleCI, jenkins, etc. to assist deploying new releases to QA and Production environments.
  • Interest in streamlining/automating feasible QA tasks.

Bonus experience: Agile sprint management (aka ScrumMaster).

Non-technical skills:

  • Proficient English in a business environment.
  • Excellent communicator including in a virtual workplace.
  • Ability to coordinate co-workers to help test when needed.
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented, punctual, following a methodical process, and able to kindly encourage others to do the same. 
  • Team player: Progressing the team’s plan while assisting others across our organization and stepping up when needed
  • Self-motivated to work independently and find other productive tasks if there is a lull in immediate QA tasks.

Location/schedule requirements:

  • Location: Remotely within an American/European/African time zone, to overlap with coworkers in the US/Europe/Africa.

To Apply

Please send your one-page resume to [email protected].

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