Client: Renen Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Automated heating & pumping solution

We partnered with Renen Energy Solutions in South-Africa to help with automation of functions and visualization of data on a single screen. 


  • Vast amounts of fossil fuel needed to heat root zone germination beds at the Sappi commercial forestry nursery.
  • Difficulty seeking environment friendly & cost effective fossil fuel alternatives.


  • Three new third party devices integrated with the FernFlex controller (i.e. RTD temperature sensors, tank level sensors & variable frequency drives).
  • Odyssey’s technology provides an automated control solution capable of turning pumps on & off as per user configurable temperature thresholds.


  • View data gathered from a disparate assortment of hardware in a single portal.
  • Automated control solution.
  • View entire fleet of deployed systems on the same portal.
  • Most efficient solution for commercial and industrial use.

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