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Finance, build and operate distributed infrastructure at scale

Odyssey is the only end-to-end investment and asset management platform for distributed infrastructure.

Our technologies enable scale.



Odyssey is the de facto platform for rural electrification agencies, development finance institutions, donors, and commercial investors looking to scale results-focused financing initiatives

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An end-to-end platform for project development

What our customers are saying

“It is simply unbelievable that all we need has been done by your company. This really frees us to focus on the non-technical issues such as site selection, engaging with stakeholders and meeting regulatory requirements.”

– Mini-grid developer

“Odyssey is exactly what we need to manage our growing portfolio of projects. I don’t know how we would have managed our assets without a platform like this."

– Mini-grid investor

“To bring electrification through mini-grids and solar home systems successfully, we need to [be] efficient with our concessionary finance programs, collecting data on sites, and sharing that data with the private sector and other stakeholders. Odyssey makes all that possible. We have seen firsthand that data is absolutely essential to catalyzing the mini-grid sector."

– Rural electrification government official

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