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Odyssey Energy Solutions

From site feasibility and generation design to easy-to-understand financials and real-time data analytics, we unify data sources to empower the mini-grid industry.

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Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP)

Solar Home System -Output Based Fund (SHS OBF), Performance Based Grant (PBG), Minimum Subsidy Tender, AfDB Productive Use Appliances & Equipment (PUE), AfDB Minimum Subsidy Tender Program.

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Universal Energy Facility (UEF)

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Programme Haïtien d’Accès des communautés Rurales à l’Energie Solaire

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Mini-Grid Acceleration Scheme

Mini-grid Acceleration Scheme (MAS), Interconnected Mini-grid Acceleration Scheme (IMAS)

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Ecowas Renewable Energy Facility

ECREEE EREF 3 Call for Proposals

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Off-Grid Market Development Fund

Off-Grid Market Development Fund – OMDF

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Off Grid Electricity Fund (OGEF)


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