About Us

Distributed renewable energy is leapfrogging the grid. Odyssey provides the tools the market needs to scale.

Our mission is to accelerate the clean energy transition in emerging markets. 

We do this by providing financiers and renewable energy companies with data-driven tools to scale investment into distributed renewable energy.

Meet our leadership team 

Emily McAteer
Founder & CEO

Emily has over 15 years experience as a leader in the distributed renewable energy sector in emerging markets. Prior to Odyssey, she launched Frontier Power, Sun Edison’s DRE business.

Piyush Mathur
Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Piyush has over 20 years of financing, private equity and business experience in cleantech. Before Odyssey, Piyush was the CEO of Simpa, a solar financing business that was acquired by ENGIE.

Jay Lurie
Vice President, Commercial Finance Solutions

Jay brings 20 years in global infrastructure/energy investment and capital markets at IFC, Macquarie, Credit Suisse, and was most recently Chief Investment Officer at DC Green Bank.

Susan Smith
Vice President, Concessional Finance Solutions

Susan has 15 years of experience in energy, environment, and development finance. Previously she worked at Power Africa, expanding energy access & sustainable development in emerging markets.

Maxime Eon
Vice President, Revenue

Maxime has over 10 years of experience building and scaling businesses in the South African solar industry. Prior to Odyssey he was head of the Commercial portfolio at Emergent Energy, a leading South African solar developer and EPC.

Patrick Cousins
Vice President, Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the off-grid industry, Patrick co-founded FernTech to commercialize monitoring technologies, which was acquired by Odyssey in 2021.

Justin Tinsey
Vice President, Procurement Solutions

Justin Tinsey is the former CEO of Solarquick, a PV and battery distributor in Nigeria, and has 10+ years experience in solar equipment industry.

Henrik Axelsson Lilja
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Henrik brings a decade of experience building, scaling and operating renewable energy companies in East Africa. Previously, Henrik was part of Accenture's Management Consulting practice as a Senior Manager based in London.

Kyle Hodgson
Vice President, Engineering

Kyle brings years of experience leading product and engineering teams building cloud native SaaS products, most recently at VNDLY, acquired by Workday in 2021.

Joan Tarragó
Head of Remote Monitoring & Control

Joan has a degree in electrical engineering and co-founded Ferntech (acquired by Odyssey) in 2016. He has implemented remote monitoring and control systems across a diverse set of companies.