Powertrust helps distributed renewable energy entrepreneurs access global climate finance via D-RECs, connecting high-impact projects across emerging markets with the world’s largest corporate energy buyers.
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Distributed Renewable Energy Certificates (D-RECs) are a new market instrument developed by the D-REC Initiative to create a global market for DRE. Denoted in kWhs, D-RECs enable even the smallest solar devices to participate in global environmental markets by supplying certificates to leading corporate renewable energy buyers. The world’s largest companies purchase D-RECs through Powertrust to match their energy demand in emerging markets with renewable sources, reducing emissions across their value chains while providing finance to new high-impact projects that are displacing the dirtiest fuels and powering schools, hospitals, factories, farms, and communities where it’s needed most.

Powertrust sources, certifies, and markets D-RECs from qualified project developers, providing a single point of contact for both developers and buyers, simplifying and streamlining the process from project selection to data collection, certification, delivery, payments, and reporting.

The D-REC Initiative is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder, industry-led initiative. Powertrust is co-leading the D-REC Initiative with South Pole, and the Initiative is supported by:

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Powertrust expects to launch multiple D-REC purchase programs each year targeting specific countries. There is currently one Powertrust Purchase Program (PPP) live on Odyssey. If you operate in Brazil, India, Ghana, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand, please fill out the pre-screening form for Powertrust Purchase Program 2022.

If you do not operate in any of these countries, you may still register your interest by completing the pre-screening form for Powertrust’s Global Expression of Interest, and you will be notified when future Purchase Programs go live.

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