Odyssey’s mission is to accelerate the clean energy transition in emerging markets. A big part of making that possible is close collaboration with OEMs to ensure that the equipment necessary to power the clean energy transition is available for renewable energy companies in those markets. 

This month Odyssey partnered with SteamaCo, one of the world’s leading smart meter solution companies, to make sure that renewable energy companies operating in Africa get the best possible price and warranty terms for SteamaCo products and services when they are part of the Odyssey Procure buyers club. 

The agreement ensures that members of Odyssey Procure will get the lowest possible prices on SteamaCo smart meters and service fees as well as enhanced technical support when they place their orders through Odyssey Procure. 

Over the years, Odyssey has witnessed how smaller renewable energy companies often miss out on economies of scale pricing and the best warranties. To change that, we launched Odyssey Procure, making it possible for renewable energy companies and OEMs to work more directly with each other. In addition to connecting renewable energy companies with OEMs, Odyssey helps them with financing, price and warranty negotiation, system design and more. 

Participating OEMs get access to the largest network of renewable energy companies who have increased buying power due to financing offered by Odyssey. 

SteamaCo’s mission is to support African utilities to collect, protect and grow their revenue, while providing customers with automated operations and trusted visibility on their payments, tariff, and power usage. The SteamaCo Advanced Metering Infrastructure platform is fully interoperable, their smart meters are complaint with meter codes and are STS Association and DLMS Association approved. Together these tools help renewable energy companies manage cash collection and deliver management information, protect against revenue loss, automate key operational and maintenance tasks, and enjoy complete customer data visibility.

Odyssey is ready to partner with more OEMs, as well as bring more renewable energy companies into the Odyssey Procure buyers club. Odyssey Procure is growing and continuing to deliver benefits to its participants.

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