A New C&I Financing Opportunity on Odyssey

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A New C&I Financing Opportunity on Odyssey

Odyssey and Trine are announcing the launch of a debt facility for commercial and industrial (C&I) solar electricity projects in Nigeria. This launch marks the first time that project developers can apply for commercial financing of C&I projects directly on the Odyssey platform.

This milestone comes as many solar developers in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa make clear that they are building a variety of solar projects beyond mini-grids and solar home systems. For investors, the C&I market provides an exciting investment opportunity, as commercial customers quickly realize the economic benefits of access to reliable and renewable electricity. However, the fragmented nature of the market has made it difficult for investors and profitable C&I projects to find one another up to now, and Odyssey is excited to be playing a key role in connecting project developers with an investor of Trine’s caliber.

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