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Odyssey Procure is excited to announce a new partnership with Atess Power; now you will find the best prices on Atess battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Africa on Odyssey Procure. This collaboration will provide a much-needed solution to the energy storage challenges facing the industry in the continent.

Solar has grown exponentially across Africa over the past five years due to its affordability and accessibility. One limitation is energy storage. Unlike traditional power plants, renewable energy sources are subject to weather conditions, which can affect their output. Additionally, energy demand is not always consistent, and without proper storage solutions, solar cannot reliably meet the needs of consumers.

Odyssey Procure and Atess Power are addressing this issue by providing affordable battery energy storage systems, available when project developers need them. By utilizing BESS technology, renewable energy companies can store excess energy generated during times of high output and release it when demand is high. This allows for a more consistent and reliable supply of renewable energy.

This partnership is focused on delivering the lowest possible price for BESS technology in Africa. Odyssey Procure and Atess Power are committed to making renewable energy accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. The cost of energy storage has been a significant barrier to entry for many renewable energy companies in Africa, and this partnership is working to change that.

Atess Power is a global leader in the energy storage industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to companies around the world. Their advanced technology is highly efficient and reliable, making it an ideal solution for the renewable energy sector in Africa. Odyssey Procure, part of Odyssey Energy Solutions, specializes in creating a hassle-free procurement experience. Odyssey Procure sources renewable energy equipment at the lowest possible cost, connects developers to financing for equipment, helps developers pick the best equipment for their projects and has in-stock equipment available so developers can get it when they need it.

The partnership between Odyssey Procure and Atess Power is a game-changer for the renewable energy sector in Africa. By making BESS technology affordable and accessible, this partnership is helping to create a more sustainable future for the continent. We are excited to see the impact this collaboration will have on the DRE industry in Africa and look forward to the continued growth of the sector.

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