Odyssey partners with InfraBlocks to offer pioneering carbon credit and finance solutions

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InfraBlocks, the pioneering climate fintech and investment group, based in Singapore, is now a strategic partner of Odyssey Energy Solutions, a global leader in the financing, procurement, and operations of Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) projects. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the quest to scale Voluntary Carbon Markets and provide comprehensive carbon finance solutions for DRE project developers.

The One-Stop Solution for Project Finance and Carbon Credits in the DRE Space

Announced at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, the partnership between InfraBlocks and Odyssey aim to launch a technology-driven one-stop approach to project finance and carbon credit issuance for DRE projects. Leveraging Odyssey's deep expertise in financing, procurement, and operations of DRE projects, combined with InfraBlocks' extensive experience in carbon solutions, the partnership aims to revolutionize the landscape of Voluntary Carbon Markets within the DRE industry.

Addressing the Challenges of the Net Zero Transition

As organizations in carbon-intensive sectors grapple with the challenges of achieving net zero, the need for innovative solutions becomes increasingly pressing. Short-to-medium term strategies often involve the purchase of carbon credits to offset emissions that are difficult to eliminate. Simultaneously, DRE projects, particularly in Emerging Markets, play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions. However, these projects face hurdles in accessing capital markets to fund their capital expenditures.

The collaboration between InfraBlocks and Odyssey seeks to bridge this funding gap by providing a comprehensive solution to the decarbonization, monetization, and climate financing of emission reduction projects. The InfraBlocks carbon credit marketplace, powered by Odyssey's solutions in financing, procurement, and operations, will offer groundbreaking project finance and technology services, streamlining investments in emission reduction projects.

Unlocking Better Carbon Price Discovery

This partnership aims to enhance price transparency and broaden the reach of Voluntary Carbon Markets in the DRE industry. The combination of InfraBlocks' carbon credit marketplace and Odyssey's solutions will provide innovative project development and credit portfolio services, facilitating better carbon price discovery. The collaboration will also utilize best-in-class carbon monitoring and verification technologies to ensure the highest quality of carbon credits generated by DRE projects. For more information, please visit, https://www.infrablockstechnologies.com.  


About InfraBlocks

The net zero transition poses a significant challenge for carbon-intensive sectors, necessitating investment in innovative solutions to reduce footprints. Organizations will resort to purchasing carbon credits in the short-to-medium term to offset emissions they can't eliminate, emphasizing the need for a high-quality and trusted credit portfolio. Conversely, carbon emission reduction projects require access to capital markets for funding, showcasing their credits' quality amid a generally high-risk profile. InfraBlocks addresses this by offering a comprehensive solution to decarbonization, monetization, and climate financing. Our blockchain-powered carbon credit marketplace streamlines investment in emission reduction projects, facilitating better price discovery and incorporating top-notch remote carbon monitoring and verification technologies.

About Odyssey Energy Solutions

Odyssey Energy Solutions is a climate tech company transforming distributed energy globally. Odyssey offers a freemium end-to-end solution to finance, procure equipment for and operate distributed energy projects at scale across the globe. The company is facilitating more than $1.6B of finance into the sector, delivering tools and services to over 2,600 developers and is backed by leading investors. For more information, please visit, https://odysseyenergysolutions.com.

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