Odyssey partners with Trine to accelerate financing for renewable energy projects in emerging markets

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Odyssey, a leading facilitator of renewable energy transactions in emerging markets, has signed a cooperation agreement with Trine, a debt investment platform focused on financing renewable energy projects. Beginning in Sub-Saharan Africa, where both Odyssey and Trine have a significant footprint, both parties intend to grow the partnership to finance distributed renewable energy in emerging Asia and Latin America as well.  

Through Odyssey’s built-for-purpose planning and financing tools, Trine will be able to expedite its financing capabilities in C&I solar and evaluate mini-grid project financing opportunities, representing a new segment for Trine, helping to round-out their existing portfolio of solar home systems and C&I solar projects.  

By embedding Odyssey’s powerful analytics tools into their process, Trine can fund larger and larger projects, furthering their mission to make the world better, faster. Since its founding in 2015, Trine has worked with 13,222 investors to bring more than US$81M to renewable energy projects, averting 1M+ tons of CO2 emissions and bringing electricity to 3M+ people. Trine empowers individuals to participate in renewable energy project financing and see the impact of their investment into loan products, including how much CO2 emissions were avoided and details about the people and places impacted by their capital.

Odyssey provides financing partners, including international and local banks, development finance institutions, and specialized fund managers, with an end-to-end solution starting from tools to perform initial transaction review of aggregated projects to due diligence analytics and data room facilitation, and finally to milestone reporting and ongoing asset monitoring. Financiers like Trine can use Odyssey’s customized analytics to better understand the financial, technical, operational and impact metrics in their portfolio.

Together, Odyssey and Trine are committed to accelerating the growth of the renewable energy sector in emerging markets and promoting sustainable development.

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