Supporting Health Facility Electrification Compact to Electrify 25K Clinics in 5 Years

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Supporting Health Facility Electrification Compact to Electrify 25K Clinics in 5 Years

Odyssey is thrilled to support the Health Facility Electrification Compact led by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) to electrify 25,000 clinics in 5 years with clean power; launched as part of the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy.

This multi-stakeholder Energy Compact aims to accelerate the deployment of reliable and clean energy solutions to health facilities, by setting the following ambitions:

  • 25,000 health facilities with sustainable access to a clean and reliable power source by 2025
  • 20 sector assessments of healthcare systems at national level by 2025

About the UN-Energy Pledge

The UN-Energy Pledge, working with all UN system partners and UN Country Teams, is committed to helping Member States and their partners to attain the following milestones to be achieved by 2025 towards SDG 7 and net zero emissions, as they build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic:


  • 500 million more people with electricity access
  • 1 billion more people with access to clean cooking solutions across the world


  • 100% increase in modern renewables capacity globally and 100% renewable-based power targets established in 100 countries
  • 3% annual efficiency improvement in at least 50 countries across the world


  • 30 million jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Re-direct fossil fuel subsidies towards clean energy and end financing for new coal power plants
  • Annual global GHG emissions to be reduced at least by one third in 2025


  • Double annual clean energy investment globally (relative to the current level)
  • Raise energy access investment to US$40 billion per year, of which 50 per cent should be directed to the LDCs

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