The Solar Power Naija Program (SPN) Now Live on Odyssey

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The Solar Power Naija Program (SPN) Now Live on Odyssey

Odyssey’s partnership with Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria (REA) to host Solar Power Naija on the platform is a huge advancement in our mission to unlock capital for the distributed energy sector.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, the Federal Government of Nigeria has launched an initiative as part of the Economic Sustainability Plan to achieve the roll out of 5 million new solar-based connections in communities that are not grid connected.

This program is expected to generate an additional 7 billion increase in tax revenues per annum and $10 million in annual import substitution. The Solar Connection Intervention Facility will complement the Federal government’s effort of providing affordable electricity to underserved rural communities.

The ambitious 5 million Solar Power Naija program is a Federal government initiative whose objectives are to:

  1. Expand energy access to 25 million individuals (5 million new connections) through the provision of solar home systems (SHS) or connection to a mini grid;
  2. Increase local content in the off-grid solar value chain and facilitate the growth of the local manufacturing industry;
  3. Incentivize the creation of 250,000 new jobs in the energy sector.

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