Distributed energy companies

Monitor and control your decentralized power system

See and take action on all components in your system with Odyssey’s FernTech software and hardware.

Monitor surrounded by Odyssey’s software.

Why Odyssey FernTech?

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Hardware and software operate 24/7 so you can get the insights you need with no data gaps, even in areas with weak internet connectivity when you need them.
Data from across your system in one dashboard:  From renewable energy generation, to battery capacity, to water temperature and beyond.
Best solution at the best price: Odyssey stands out from competitors by having solutions across different price points.
System automation: Automate system operations with our control modules.

The Ferntech product suite

Our hardware and software work together to bring you real-time insights about each component of your system.
Solar installation.

Automate system operations with FernTech predefined control algorithms

Zero grid feeding

Load prioritization

Genset prioritization

Irrigation control

Battery charge/ discharge targets

Climate control

Grid support and stabilization

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